Friday, December 4, 2009

Part 2: The Geo-Logical Foundations of Techno-Logic According to Wall-E

So what is an axiom?

Axiom, as no doubt you are aware, is the name of the great space station on which mankind draws out its centuries-long vacation from the planet as the movie Wall-E opens. It seems to have been named in the confidence that it could supply the complete conditions for human life without any need of its being supported, and this confidence would seem seem to be confirmed by the fact that so many generations later, humans still live on the ship, with not even a memory of any other place to live. However, we learn that the Axiom has according to its own intelligence reached such an estimation of its self-sufficiency that it rebels against that part of its directive which it interprets as a threat to its autonomy--namely, the directive to seek a return to ground. Being themselves aliens to ground, men have no resource to question this claim.

Not to make too much or too little of the heroic exploits by which mankind is brought back down to Earth, it will be enough for my present purposes to remind you that the same Axiom which adrift in space sustained nothing which could be called human life and therefore failed in its own directive, when grounded on the Earth does serve human life as a starting point--that is, a point of departure. And this departure (from itself) is the true being of the Axiom.

Tune in next time for the full interpretation of this allegory.